November Shaving Box: Quality Wet-Shaving Gear

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November shaving subscription box from The Personal Barber


There was a bit of a delay this month as one of our suppliers managed to lose half our shipment! Fortunately we're back on track now with another great wet shaving box.

With Christmas looming on the horizon we thought we'd add something a little bit different this month. On top of a well known shaving cream and brand new shaving oil, we’ve included a beautiful shaving brush stand. Perfect as a Christmas gift for the stylish gentleman.

All new subscription orders placed before 20th December will get the below box of goodies.

Tabac Shaving Cream for men

Tabac Original Shaving Cream

Tabac are a long established company of over 50 years, from Germany, mainly famous for their Eau De Cologne and its iconic bottle shape. They’re shaving range is no less regarded, the soap and cream being a premium choice for the avid wet shaver and often seen as an essential in anyone’s collection. Steeped in nostalgia, the scent of this cream is truly unique; a sophisticated composition of spicy peppery notes rounded off with exotic woods, musk, ambergris and a floral complex. It's a very warm and manly scent reminiscent of old-school barbershops. Whether you love the scent or not, you can’t deny its performance! The cream quickly whips up into a thick, rich lather with excellent cushioning properties that is stable enough to last the whole shave and voluminous enough for multiple passes.

To use: Place an almond sized dollop of cream into the centre of your damp brush and whip into a lather as normal, either in your bowl, hand or directly on your stubble.

Sheffield Skincare Bum Fluff Pre-shave oil

Sheffield Skincare "Bum Fluff" Pre-Shave Oil

We love supporting the small independent brands here at The Personal Barber and so we’re pleased to include in this month’s box this fantastic pre-shave oil from Sheffield Skincare. Sheffield Skincare are a family business based in - you guessed it - Sheffield that make 100% natural handmade skincare products. Free from parabens, artificial colours and preservatives, the Bum Fluff shaving oil does a great job of moisturising the skin as it protects from the blade. It has a sweet minty scent and a light consistency that doesn’t clog the pores. We love using shaving oils in our pre-shave routine because of the extra cushioning properties it bestows for that extra close and comfortable shave.

To use: After softening your hairs in the shower, apply half a pump (we find a full pump can be a bit too much) of oil into the palm of your hand and rub into the stubbly areas of your face. Leave for a full minute for them to absorb into the skin and hairs, creating a moisturising barrier on the skin. While you’re waiting, start whipping up your shaving lather into the perfect consistency.

Sheffield Skincare Flagship Store

Announcing Sheffield Skincare Store Opening

We're very pleased to announce that Sheffield Skincare have just launched their first store! If you live nearby and want to check out their extensive skincare range (perhaps as a Christmas gift), they're well worth having a look. Can be found at 243 Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1TP

Muhle Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Muhle Chrome Brush Stand

Muhle are another brand from Germany with a long history of making fine shaving products. We’ve featured some of their fantastic products in the past and couldn’t help ourselves in featuring another. This high quality, beautifully crafted, chrome plated shaving brush stand is perfect for giving your brush the attention it deserves. Its elegant simplicity suits any style of bathroom. Shaving brush stands are an important tool in any wet shavers arsenal because, for a long time, all brushes were made from animal hair and if these weren't dried properly, they could develop mould and become unusable. Times have changed and our synthetic hair shaving brush performs so well you may never need to get an animal hair one, but whether you have an expensive animal hair brush or you’re still enjoying our synthetic hair brush, this stand is a nice way to display it.

Gillette Silver Blues and Silver Star DE blades

November Subscription Box Replacement Double-Edge Razor Blades

No two beards are the same! Sure, most razor blades will do the job, but we’re all about getting that perfect shave every time so you can face the day looking and feeling at your most handsome. Each brand of razor blade is made to a unique specification with its own materials and manufacturing processes producing a product that gives markedly differing results. For those of you with a thick-set beard you can’t run a comb through, you’ll want a super sharp blade that’ll cut through like butter. If you’re more of the wispy fair-haired sort, a sharp blade is more likely to stress your skin and so you’d be much better off with a smoother blade. Each month we try to include 5 blades from both sides of the fence (a total of 10 blades) but you should still try them both. Everyone reacts differently. Finding that perfect blade is part of the fun.

Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blades

The last in the Gillette blades feature that we have been running for the past few months, Gillette silver blues are made in St Petersburg, Russia and provide a very smooth and comfortable shave. They are a notoriously difficult blade to get a hold of, with many speculating that they have been discontinued. Last 3-7 shaves

Silver Star DE Razor Blades

Made in  Egypt, Silver Star are another brand in the Lord range of blades. Surprisingly smooth, these blades are coated with PTFE for better glide over the skin. Best suited for lighter beards. Last 3-7 shaves.


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