October Subscription Box: The Stylish Shaving Gift For Men

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October subscription box traditional wet shaving kit

Another box packed full to the brim with amazing wet shaving goods. This month's box is a nice combination of pre and post-shave goods so you've got both bases covered. As you may have noticed, we love showing off new brands here at The Personal Barber so we've got two hot off the press new products that have just launched.

Signing up any time this month before November 20th will get you a facial scrub and moisturiser from ZEOS For Men, a luxury shaving cream from Jack Black, 10 double-edge blades from brands Gillette and Asco.

Free extra for new subscribers - Of course, all new members of the subscription receive our signature safety razor and shaving brush in their box in addition to all of the below!

Jack black supreme triple cushion shaving cream

Jack Black Supreme Shaving Cream 88ml

Jack Black is a premium male grooming brand from America, founded in 2000. Committed to using only the finest ingredients, their products are lightweight and non-greasy as well as being cruelty-free and devoid of any artificial fragrances, colourants and sulfates. This isn’t like any of the shaving creams you may have come across so far. Designed to be used with or without a brush, it develops into a relatively thin lather which allows for a really close shave but still provides incredible cushion which prevents any chance of razor burn or rash. We still recommend using a slightly damp brush to better prime the hairs, but there’s no need to spend too long trying to work up a lather. The combination of Macadamia Nut Oil, Glycerine and Soybean Oil leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated. We particularly like the subtle, medicinal-like scent that is released when lathered up.

To use: Squeeze out a good almond-sized lump of cream and work it into the stubbly areas of your damp face with your hands. Once this is done, take a slightly damp - and preferably warm -shaving brush and work it into a lather. It won't create a thick meringue-like lather that other shaving creams produce but still does a really good job of protecting the face. Start shaving as normal.

Zeos for Men

Zeos for men are a relatively new urban-living male grooming brand, launched in 2014 They pioneered a waxing kit for men that was so effective and easy to use it quickly became the UK’s best selling waxing kit. Don’t worry! We’re not suggesting you need to start waxing your face. Following the success of their waxing range, and a year spent fine tuning, ZFM have just launched their own range of male grooming products and we’re very pleased to include two of those in this month’s box.

Their QU3 range is for the modern urban living gentleman, designed to combat the toll that pollutants, stress and junk food can have on the skin using the latest cutting edge skincare technologies. Both products include Resistem™, a plant-based ingredient that is supposed to help skin stem cell regeneration, cell detoxification and cell longevity. In short: a healthy dose of anti-aging ingredients are added to keep your skin looking its best regardless of the strain you put it through.

Both products work perfectly together with matching scents. It's a really unique and manly fragrance with woody base notes combined with a fruity, berry-infused top note.

ZEOS For Men Facial Scrub


ZEOS For Men Face Scrub

Using a face scrub pre-shave can be an unexpected revelation for many gentleman; it does a number of things that really prime the face for an incredible close and comfortable shave. Working it into your beard lifts up any stubborn hairs that may hide from the razor and also exfoliates the skin. This does two things; one it buffs away any dead skin cells and dirt leaving a smooth surface for the razor to easily glide over uninhibited but it also cleans any sebum from the base of the hairs so the razor can better cut right at the base of the shaft. This fantastic face scrub from ZFM will leave your skin silky smooth and perfect for a comfortable shave. Vitamins E and B5 are added to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, and the coconut husk does a really good job of buffering away any dirt.

To use: Most conveniently used as part of your shower routine, apply a generous dollop of scrub into the palm of your hand and then gently rub into a damp face all over (avoiding the eyes). Be careful not to press too hard, you are scrubbing away dirt, not your skin! Rinse clean and then move onto your shaving routine.

ZEOS For Men Facial Scrub

ZEOS For Men Moisturiser

Shaving off your beard to reveal a handsome clean-shaven face isn’t of much use if your skin looks dry and tired underneath. Moisturising is an important aspect of any man’s grooming routine and fortunately ZFM have got you covered with their new face moisturiser. It matches perfectly with the face scrub by adding Vitamins E and B5 as well as shea butter for a one-two punch of hydration and nourishment keeping the skin looking youthful for as long as possible.

To use: Apply moisturiser post-shave. If you use a shaving balm right after shaving (we advise it), wait 30 seconds for this to fully absorb and then apply your moisturiser. Use an almond sized dollop and gently rub into the skin in a massaging circular motion. Get on with your day, safe in the knowledge you're looking your best.


October box replacement double edge blades Gillette Yellow and Asco

October Subscription Box Replacement Double-Edge Razor Blades

The beauty of traditional wet shaving isn’t just a great feeling shave that you enjoy, it’s also about variety! We love how you can mix up your shave with the blade you use, there are so many to choose from. Every month we include new double edge blades for you to try so you can find the one that works best for your skin and beard thickness. The general rule of thumb is that thicker beards need a sharper blade but the sharper a blade is, the better your technique has to be! A sharp blade increases the risk of irritation such as razor burn and tiny nicks.

Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge Double-Edge Razor Blades

Following on from our Gillette theme we’ve been running over the past few months, we are introducing the Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge, more commonly referred to as the "Gillette Yellows". This is supposed to be Gillette’s sharpest blade. Many seasoned wet shavers claim it to be one of the sharpest blades you can get. Remember! The key to a comfortable shave is applying as little pressure as possible. Let the razor effortlessly glide along the skin. When done right, you won’t feel a thing, just hear the satisfying sound of hair being cut. Manufactured in Russia, it should last at least 3 shaves with the lighter bearded amongst us getting around 7.

Asco Double-Edge Razor Blades

Part of the Lord range of razor blades, made in Egypt. Asco double-edge blades are a mid range sharpness blade but with excellent longevity. These are the orange-boxed blades, not to be confused with the red box under the same name. They are renowned for their consistently smooth shaves even after 5+ uses. Should last 3-9 shaves.

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