Inside The Box

We work with passionate independent brands so that every box we send out features a new selection for you to try. 

Check out the below to learn more about what to expect in your first and subsequent deliveries.

Classic Safety Razor

Your first Discovery* box will include The Personal Barber double-edge safety razor.

This razor has transformed the shaving routines of 1000's of men from something they hated into a satisfying part of their day, free of irritation.

Our traditional styled safety razor is perfect for the beginner wet shaver. It has a balanced weight and relatively thin head for maximum control when keeping the correct angle and for maintaining light pressure.

Made up of 3 parts, it is easy to take apart and replace blades. The locking system ensures blades are always placed in straight, removing the potential for user error, resulting in a consistently even cut.

*This is an added extra if you sign up to the Essentials box.

Shaving Brush

Your first Discovery* box will include The Personal Barber synthetic hair shaving brush.

There's nothing quite like the ritual of applying a warm lather by brush. It adds a touch of luxury to your day whilst also lifting your hairs and priming them for a closer shave.

We have always been against animal cruelty, which is why our brush is made from a high quality nylon. It is extremely soft on the skin but with a little bit more backbone than animal hair. This makes it ideal for whipping up a thick lather but still feels soft as silk on your face.

It's also far easier to maintain, just rinse thoroughly after each use and flick dry, and doesn't need breaking in like most animal hair brushes do.

*This is an added extra if you sign up to the Essentials box.

Replacement Blades

Every box we provide you with 10 double-edge razor blades so you never have to experience the feel of a dull blade tugging at your hairs.

To make it even more interesting we change up the brands every box.

Why is this important? Because different brands of blades have varying levels of sharpness and employ different materials in their manufacturing processes which means each blade has a different feel.

What's more, it is important to use the correct type of blade for your skin type and hair thickness so you have the most comfortable shave possible. The only way you can know which blade to use is to try them all, which is what we set out to do.

Shaving Soaps & Creams

Each delivery features a new shaving soap or cream, every box is different.

Most people use canned foaming gel (full of preservatives and things that shouldn't be put on the skin) because that's the option that is available to them in the shops.

But no more! We will be introducing you to the exciting world of natural soaps and handmade creams. Discover manly woody aromas, sweet citrus scents, and other wild and unexpected fragrances to add some variety and excitement to your shaving ritual.

We often work with small independent brands and passionate soap makers to create unique and exclusive products just for our members.

We hope trying out a variety of brands and scents will keep you looking forward to your next shave.

Male Grooming Extras

We want you to be excited to try new things but never at the expense of novelty, first and foremost is a fantastic shave which is why we go to great lengths to provide products that are loved by your skin.

Every Discovery* box includes 2 extra full-size male grooming products designed to enhance your daily ritual.

Expect to try pre-shave oils, aftershave balms, moisturisers, colognes and more over the course of your membership.

No two boxes will be the same and you won't receive the same type of product two boxes in a row. We have three "themes" of boxes that we rotate through so you won't be overstocked on one item.

And, of course, we will explain not only how to use these items but why you should use them.

*Not included in the Essentials box.

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The Essentials Box

Just the essentials of what you need for a fantastic shave every day. A newly picked shaving soap or cream in each box + 10 replacement double-edge razor blades.

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The Discovery Box

On top of a new shaving soap/cream + 10 replacement blades, discover 2 extra full-size men's skincare products to try. First box includes our razor and brush.

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