Top 5 Style Hacks For Men

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Thanks goes to The Idle Man for putting together this great list of style hacks.

Looking stylish can seem difficult to achieve, or like something reserved for the select few who can afford a whole wardrobe of designer clothes. However, with a few simple style hacks you can look just as good with ease and without breaking the bank.

Style Hack 1 - Roll Up, Roll Up

The first style hack is super simple, and that is to roll the sleeves of your button-down shirts and to roll the hem of your trousers. This is such a small detail and is so easy to do, but it adds so much style cred to your outfit. Simply rolling your sleeves brings an air of laid-back finesse to your look, and people will definitely take notice. When rolling your trousers, just do it a few turns so that they hit right on or above the ankle. This gives your shoes and socks an opportunity to stand out as well as upping the all-around style of your outfit.

Style Hack 2 - Don't Be Afraid To Accessorise

Our next hack to appear more stylish is to add select accessories. Sunglasses, watches, and belts are our top picks to spice up any ensemble. Sunglasses exude coolness, so just chuck on a pair for instant style points. Small details like watches and belts help to pull together an outfit without much fuss while elevating your look.

Style Hack 3 - Stay Classy

A surefire hack to look stylish is to stick to classic pieces and silhouettes. Classic looks are effortlessly stylish and they frankly make getting dressed easier. Pair items like jeans and chinos with oxford shirts and blazers. These are easy outfits to create but they still hit the mark. Stick to classic styles of shoes as well - things like Converse, Vans, desert boots, and oxfords.

Style Hack 4 - Maintain Your Threads

Another hack to look more stylish is to take good care of your clothes. When your clothes don’t have visible signs of wear and tear your clothes look higher quality. You’ll also just be presenting yourself better, which is key in looking stylish. In order to maintain your clothes, wash them on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and either line dry them or lay them flat to dry. We know it’s hard to avoid having clothes strewn on your floor, but storing them properly hung or folded will help greatly in lengthening the lifespan of your clothing.

Style Hack 5 - Fortune Favours The Neutral 

Our final style hack is to stick to a neutral colour palette. Dressing in mostly neutral colours will not only simplify putting together your outfits, but it will also make you look effortlessly stylish. And, when you dress in neutral colours it makes it easier to incorporate more bold and trendy items into your wardrobe without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Looking stylish may seem like something that’s unattainable for everyone, but it’s easier than you think. By using the simple tricks we’ve laid out, you’ll be well on your way to looking more stylish. The smallest details like rolling up your sleeves or trousers, adding a few key accessories, and wearing classic styles in neutral colours can do wonders in spicing up your outfits.

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  • These are the amazing style tips for men from all walks of life. I liked your tip for accessorizing and having a neutral colour palette to look effortlessly stylish.

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