Shaving Kits: Your Complete Guide

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complete double-edge safety razor shaving kit starter setEverything you need to know before buying a shaving set

Getting to the point where you are able to achieve the perfect shave is no easy task; it can take a lot of trial and error to find the routine that is perfect for you. Equally, when you are looking to buy a shaving kit for someone else, it can be tricky to know which elements are right for that person.

However, there is no doubt that the first step in getting to the perfect shave either for yourself or for someone else is finding a shaving kit that has the right equipment in it. Of course, this can be different depending on personal preferences when it comes to shaving, as well as the budget that you are working with and what works for your skin, but we believe that there are some items that simply cannot be missed out if you want to have the best shaving experience possible.

In this article, we go through the components of the perfect shaving kit, as well as letting you know which ones are essential and what can be added in as a bonus for an even more refined grooming routine.

What Should A Shaving Kit Include?

The Essential Items

Let’s begin with the basics: what are the essential items in a men’s shaving kit? It probably seems like there are an excessive amount of options out there, with kits varying in size and the products that are included in them, and this makes it hard to know which items you actually need for a good shave, and which ones are simply an optional extra. So, let’s take a look at which items are truly essential for your shaving kit:

  • A razor; your razor choice will vary depending on the technique that you use for shaving, but will most likely be a cartridge razor, double-edge (DE) safety razor, or a straight razor. We would always recommend you ditch the disposable plastic cartridge for a classic DE safety razor to ensure you get the best shave possible. Straight razors are great too but they can be difficult to get the hang of.

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  • A shaving brush; preparation is everything when it comes to shaving, especially if you want to see consistently good results. This is why the traditional method of applying shaving cream with a brush rather than with your hands makes for such a great experience by moistening and lifting the hairs as well as exfoliating the skin. Make sure to pick up a cruelty-free synthetic hair shaving brush rather than badger or boar hair.

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  • Natural shaving soap or cream; Ditch the canned foam. Having a high quality shaving soap or cream is essential to the quality of your shave. It is going to protect your skin while shaving as well as soften the hairs of your beard, resulting in a smooth and close shave.

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  • A stock of replacement blades or a strop; for the perfect shaving kit, you want to make sure you are fully stocked with razors so that you can change them regularly. Keeping your razor sharp is essential to achieving the perfect shave and protecting your skin. If you’re using a straight razor, there are no blades to replace but you will need a strop to keep your razor aligned.

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Optional Extras: For an Enhanced Shave

Now we’ve covered the basics that should be in every single man’s shaving kit, it’s time to move on to the other items that you might like to include. These items are not essential to have in your kit, but including them is going to give you an even better shave with smoother and more polished results, so they are certainly still worth considering:

  • Pre-shave scrub or wash; using a scrub or a wash is an important pre-shave step. It helps to get rid of dead skin and loose hairs before you shave, which will make it easier for the blade to shave close to the skin. 

View recommended pre-shave scrubs and washes.

  • Pre-shave oil or cream; adding a high quality oil or cream before you've applied your shaving soap lather on top is going to be instrumental in softening your beard before you shave, and this is going to help the razor to glide across the skin with minimal irritation or friction, resulting in less redness or bumpiness. Pre-shave oils are particularly useful for beginners and sensitive skin sufferers.

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  • Post-shave balm; in terms of post-shave options, there are so many that it can be confusing to know which to choose. A balm that has been formulated specifically for use as part of a shaving routine is going to give your skin the best chance of healing after you shave and reduce any signs of irritation on the skin.

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  • Alum block or styptic; these are perfect for soothing the skin after shaving, reducing bacteria and bleeding and making the skin appear smoother overall. An alum block may be the missing key to a better shave and a styptic is handy to have in case of an accident.

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  • A shaving bowl or mug; bowls or mugs make for a more convenient and cleaner shaving experience in your bathroom. Perfect for storing your soap to keep it out of sight or as a vehicle to create a rich lather. They mainly come down to personal taste but there are a few key points to consider when choosing the perfect shaving bowl or mug for your needs.

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  • A shaving stand; this helps to keep your razor clean and dry which in turn helps prevent rust or bacteria from affecting your blades as well as mould developing on your brush. It also keeps your set neat and tidy, looking presentable in your bathroom. 

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  • A travel bag; a wash-bag to store all your shaving equipment, also known as a dopp kit, allows you to take your full set on the go with you, so you are never without the tools for a relaxing shave.
  • A razor case; have you ever reached into your wash-bag and wrapped your fingers around an uncovered razor? You won't do it again in a hurry! Keep your razor covered and safe from fingers with a handy razor case. Most are designed to fit the vast majority of razors available so you shouldn't have to worry about it not fitting your particular model. But it's always worth checking the measurements beforehand.

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  • A face towel; Just like a hitchiker, no shaving set is complete without a towel. Use it for a relaxing hot towel shave or dry yourself off after you've finished shaving. Remember to always pat yourself dry and never rub for optimal skin health.

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Now that you are as informed as you possibly can be about shaving sets, what should be inside them, and how to use each component effectively, it’s time to find the kit that is perfect for you.

We offer a range of shaving kits in our shop, such as starter sets that feature just the essentials of what you need day in and day out, or larger, more expansive kit for an enhanced shaving experience.

Check out our shaving kit collection today to see what kinds of products we can offer you.

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