How To Stay Fit And Groomed Over Summer

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how to stay fit and groomed this summer
Ever since we fell into this great gender-roles trap, there have been things “only men do” and other that “just women do”. With the times gradually changing and moving towards a more united front, we are finally stepping into a zone where (almost) everyone is allowed to do (almost) everything, and there are no more shocked faces behind it. Well, at least not for the good part.

Men’s hygiene and grooming are often linked to a bar of soap and a razor only; why would a man need anything else, right? He needs his manhood reaffirmed by the lack of hygiene and self-discipline. Gross. We’ve finally moved on from that nonsense and now there are men who are actually caring for their hair and skin, looking to give their best in order to look their best. Whether we are talking gym, their wardrobe or personal hygiene – men are finally enjoying the beauty of not being judged for caring for their well being and looks.

If you are one of those men who do care about what they look like, good for you! Here are the top things to do in order to stay super groomed during summer and keep that body hot, too.

Keep that beard groomed

Even though male skin is thicker than that of women, it still is susceptible to all the environmental hazards and damage. This is why, staying groomed during hot summer days and paying attention to the products you are using should read as one of the essential things to include in your regular hygiene. Sure, you are probably going through a hipster phase, and that’s fine. But, that doesn’t mean letting the beard be unpleasantly bushy and out there. Make sure you buy pre-shave oil, box set with safety razors, a shaving brush, replacement blades, a shaving soap and a high quality aftershave to keep in your beard-kit. The key to looking super awesome is never going over the top, but keeping things on the smooth, but chic side.


Male skin produces more sebum which is why every single irregularity is super visible. For this reason, getting regular pilings and moisturising needs to become your main habit. Astringent will help remove impurities and the excess oil, and prep the skin for a moisturiser. The best way to apply is by using a cotton ball or pad - apply all over face and neck. Natural exfoliates and hydrants to embrace are cucumber, chamomile, white tea leaf and green tea leaf extracts – a face mask from time to time will do wonders for your skin, especially during summer when the skin is getting drier due to the harmful sun rays.

No ice-cream, sorry

Ok, once a week, but that’s that.
With the hot summer days, the first thing we think of to help us cool off is a rich, creamy ice-cream to put a stop to all the sweating and throat dryness. Well, you know better, don’t you? Don’t throw away all you’ve worked for so hard for the sake of a creamy treat you’ll finish off within ten minutes tops, anyway. Instead, make your own ice-cream with protein shakes, Greek yogurt mixed with fresh fruits, etc. Keep your figure lean with lean meats and green salads – they’ll feel amazing during all the hotness outside. Oh and – don’t forget to take your natural fitness supplements to keep that body healthy and banging!

Don’t drop your fitness – replace it

While you’ve probably been working out at the gym during the whole year, it’s time you drop that workout and replace it with things that can be done in nature – beach volleyball, swimming, jogging, running, riding a bike, horse riding (if you’ve got a ranch), basketball, tennis – virtually anything you like doing! You’ll stay fit, you’ll get tanned, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and definitely will experience a joyful side to working out.

Written by Peter Minkoff

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