January Subscription Box: Look And Smell Like A Man

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January Subscription Box From The Personal Barber

We've had a lot of requests from subscribers to feature more aftershave/cologne in our boxes so that’s what we set out to do!

With the majority of the products we provide, whether or not you like the scent or the packaging, as long as it performs well, you’re going to have a solid shaving experience. With colognes, the scent is the only barometer used and so there is a chance that some might not like it. For this reason, rather than including just one, we opted to provide two relatively small, but entirely different smelling, travel sized bottles of aftershave. Hopefully there will be something for everyone.

As we wanted our subscribers to try out these new scents, we have opted for the rest of the box to have much subtler fragrances. This way they don’t clash with the aftershave.

This way they don’t clash with the aftershave.

Kent Luxury Shaving Soap

Kent is one of the oldest established companies in the UK. They were originally founded in 1777, under the name G B Kent & Sons Ltd and are now world renowned for the quality of their products.

Interesting fact: They are one of a select group of companies that hold a Royal Warrant; a mark of recognition for sustained trading with the Royal Household.

Despite it’s simple appearance, this soap is actually quite famous in the wet shaving community and often regarded as one of the best shaving soaps out there. Made with lots of Lanolin, a wax that is produced from sheep’s wool, it is incredibly moisturising and leaves the face feeling slick and baby-bum soft. The soap has a beautifully subtle aroma; described as a fine fougere fragrance with pine, clove and lavender extracts, on a base of cedarwood, nutmeg, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

It’s also quite notorious for being a difficult soap to lather, particularly if you live in an area with hard water.

To use: We find that it lathers easily if it has been pre-soaked in hot water. We suggest you leave it soaking in the sink while you take your shower for best results. Unlike most soaps and creams, it can take a lot of water, so don’t be afraid to keep adding drops to get the desired consistency.

Natio For Men Sensitive Moisturiser

Natio For Men Sensitive Moisturiser

The Natio brand originated from a family business in Australia that has been manufacturing skin care cosmetics for over 75 years. It was officially launched in 1992 and has been growing from strength to strength ever since.

As a specialist in natural products that are plant based, their Natio For Men range is designed specifically for men’s skin and a contemporary lifestyle.

Although they’re often used in the same way, moisturisers are different from post-shave balms. Balms are designed to immediately counter the short-term damage that shaving causes as well as relieve any potential irritation such as rash or burn. On the other hand, moisturisers are designed to keep the skin hydrated and in its prime for the long term.

The Sensitive Moisturiser deeply hydrates while providing gentle protection that helps soothe stressed and tired skin. Made without fragrance or irritants, it is perfectly suited to sensitive skin and the neutral fragrance allows it to be paired with this month’s aftershave without fear of the scents clashing.

To use: Moisturisers are best used twice daily, morning and night. Pat face dry and apply immediately after shaving. If you use a post-shave balm, use the moisturiser after that has had 30 seconds to soak in.

Meibner Tremonia Natural Bay Rum Aftershave and Morroccan Rhassoul

Meißner Tremonia Natural Bay Rum and Moroccan Rhassoul Aftershave

Meißner Tremonia are an independent producer of quality wet shaving products from Germany. With a focus on natural, organic products, all of their range are produced by hand. With a passion for wet shaving, they are dedicated to producing attractive and high quality grooming products for men.

Their attention to detail and quality is shown in their whole line of products. For example, their aftershave is made using pure wine-distilled alcohol rather than chemically denatured alcohol and is combined with their own unique formula of witch hazel extract and organic eucalyptus to sooth the skin after shaving.

Natural Bay Rum - A traditional scent for the traditional shaver. Bay Rum is a famous aftershave supposedly originating from 16th century sailors wanting to mask the smell of being stuck on a boat for month’s on end when arriving at port. They would steep bay leaves in rum to extract it’s natural oils and using the liquid as a cologne. It’s synonymous with wet shaving probably due to its manliness. An initially strong smell, it quickly mellows into the distinctive, aromatic-spicy note of genuine Bay (St. Thomas), topped off with a little Litsea and clove leaves.

Moroccan Rhassoul - Realising that smelling like a pirate may not be to everyone’s cup of tea, we included another quite different scent to try out. Described as a touch of the Orient with virgin copaiba balsam and clove leaves.

To use: There are two ways to use an aftershave:

1. Immediately after shaving, in place of a balm, add a small amount into damp hands by pressing the top against the skin and turning upside down. The travel size bottles included should last weeks of daily use so you shouldn’t be left with a pool of aftershave in your hands. Rub hands together and then lightly pat over the shaved areas. This will act as a mild astringent and close the pores.

2. Use it purely for the scent, apply a small dab to the “hot spots” such as on your neck, wrists and chest.

Wilkinson Sword double edge razor blades"

January Subscription Box Replacement Double-Edge Razor Blades

Having been used to using a single brand of plastic cartridge razor, most new to traditional wet shaving don’t realise how much of a huge difference the blade has on the quality of the shave. Subtle differences in the materials used, manufacturing process and coating all result in a unique experience from each brand. Fortunately there are numerous brands available all over the world and we aim to get you trying as many as possible. There are still plenty of blades to feature.

Usually we include 2 packs of 5 from two different brands but there are also a number of brands that only produce their blades in packs of 10. We decided to use this month (as there was already quite a lot of variety in the box) to feature this 10 pack from a reputable brand.

Wilkinson Sword Saloon DE Razor Blades

Most will have heard of Wilkinson Sword; they’re a well known brand that have been making shaving products for years. This “saloon pack” was manufactured in India and gives a consistently smooth finish. Each blade will last between 3-7 shaves depending on beard thickness.

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