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ShaveBowl Stone White
ShaveBowl Stone White
ShaveBowl Stone White
ShaveBowl Stone White

ShaveBowl Stone White


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This unique shaving bowl and stand combo, made by USA based brand ShaveBowl, is manufactured with a polymer containing 40% natural clay minerals with a micro-texture applied to all surfaces of both bowls, which gives it a slight roughness that aids quick lathering.

With its high natural mineral content, ShaveBowl feels like soap stone but won't break if dropped onto a hard surface. A durable, lightweight alternative to traditional porcelain shaving bowls, yet it's heavier than you would expect.

Made up of 2 bowls in one for ultimate customisation. The top bowl has slots to store your razor and brush when not in use and a bowl for building your shaving lather. The bottom bowl can be used as a hot water bowl to keep the top bowl warm when lathering, or it can used as a shaving bowl/soap storage in its own right.

Razor and brush not included


Brush Holder - 28mm
Razor Holder - 13mm
Total Weight Without Soap ~310 grams
Height - 3-3/4 in.
Top Bowl Opening - 4-1/2 in.
Bottom Bowl Opening - 4-3/16 in.