Join the wet shave revolution
  • "Once you have tried it I bet you won't go back to your previous way of shaving. I know I won't. Shaving has finally become a pleasure!"
    • Nigel D.

Perfect Shaves Delivered To Your Schedule

Discover why thousands of men are switching to the classic razor and brush style of shaving, whilst trying a newly picked selection of men's skincare in each box.
  • "Once you have tried it I bet you won't go back to your previous way of shaving. I know I won't. Shaving has finally become a pleasure!"
    • Nigel D.
"The Best Shaving Subscription Services For Men"
"The Best Men's Razor Subscription Boxes 2023"
"The Best Shaving Subscriptions"

The Personal Barber Shaving Club

Since 2015 we have been curating a classic shaving and skincare experience for men that want to transform their routine from a dull chore to a satisfying ritual.

Forget plastic cartridges with vibrating handles and heated strips, we base our boxes around the only style of razor that works for every skin type: the classic double-edge safety razor. Combined with a shaving brush, you'll be getting luxurious irritation-free shaves every time.

Depending on how often you shave, we'll send you a regular restock of shaving cream, replacement blades and introduce you to extra skincare products such as post-shave balm, moisturiser, pre-shave scrubs and more. No trial sizes, just full products.

Join the club today and discover shaving...the way it's meant to be done.

How Your Subscription Works

Become your most handsome, comfortable self
The Starter Kit
First box includes your new razor, shaving brush shaving creams, 10 replacement blades and our easy step-by-step guide to an irritation-free shave.
Second Box Onwards
We'll restock you with a fresh supply of razor blades, a new shaving cream and two extra full size skincare products to complement your new skin routine.
Enjoy Your Shaves
Achieve optimal skin health with our expert-picked selections and start loving your new shaving ritual.
Every Box Includes
  • A restock of 10 razor blades
  • A new scent of shaving cream to try
  • 2 full size extras* (e.g. post-shave balm, moisturiser, pre-shave scrub)
  • Every selection is hand picked and different from the last box
  • Free UK shipping included
*For your starter kit, these will be the razor and brush

Why You'll Love Our Razor

You will fall in love with our double-edge safety razor! 96% of our members say they won't go back to a modern plastic razor after trying ours.
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth comfortable shaves
  • Prevents razor burn and bumps
  • Perfectly weighted
  • Satisfying to use
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Plastic-free construction
  • Glides through thick stubble

Loved By Thousands Of Men In The UK

Rated 4.9/5 from our customers based on Google Reviews




Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

Chat with us via the widget or send us an email at if we've missed anything

Is the razor easy to use?

It's so easy! It's really not that different from the shave that you're used to. You'll receive a step-by-step shaving guide in every kit that outlines a few key points to ensure you get a perfect shave every time.
We're proud that over 96% of our members, when surveyed, said they would never go back to using a modern plastic cartridge razor after experiencing the razor in our subscription.
Will I cut myself?
They're called SAFETY razors for a reason ;) The metal bar protects the skin by only exposing a tiny fraction of the blade so there's no risk of slicing something off!
Of course, cuts happen with any type of razor so we can't guarantee that you'll never nick yourself again. But as long as you follow our shaving guide, you'll be fully equipped to have perfect shaves every time. 
When surveyed, less than 1% of our members said they suffered from cuts using our razor.

Do you offer free shipping?
We offer free shipping for the shaving subscription to all UK based customers.

For international customers we charge a small postage fee depending on where you live. Details of International postage fees for different countries can be found on our delivery page.
How do I cancel or skip my subscription?
Canceling is easy! You can log into your account, click "Cancel" and then confirm your choice. If you need a break, you also have the option to skip a box.
We've tried to make the shaving club as easy to manage as possible so you're always in control.
Do you send reminders of upcoming payments?
Yes! We send a reminder email 4 days before any payment is taken so you have plenty of time to cancel, skip a box or push it back by a few weeks if you're not ready for a restock yet.
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