May/June Subscription Box: Discover The Best Shaving Products

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May/June Subscription Box: Discover The Best Shaving Products

The latest box in The Personal Barber Shaving Club is packed and ready to go out to our members. We can't wait to get your thoughts on the latest selection!

Updates from the past month:

  • We’ve recently put together a couple of lather tutorial videos to help you get the best shave possible. There’s a tutorial for lathering with a shaving bowl and another one specifically for when no bowl is available. Check them out here
  • Due to a global resin shortage, we have been out of stock of Shavebowl products for a couple of months but we have finally received a new shipment this week. You can see the range in our shop here
  • We've been quietly working on the next product in our range and can't wait to unveil soon.

Scroll down to see what’s in this month’s kit.

What is The Personal Barber Shaving Club?

The Personal Barber is the curated shaving subscription that wants to turn your daily chore into a satisfying experience to look forward to.

We passionately believe that making the switch to a single-blade razor will change your whole outlook on shaving. Not only is it kinder on your skin so you can achieve a close shave without razor burn or rash, but there’s something very satisfying about using a single-blade that just isn’t felt from a modern, plastic, multi-blade razor.

That’s why we created our shaving club where you’ll be learning the art of the classic wet shave whilst getting to try a range of fantastic products to bring life to your morning routine. Every 6 weeks, we curate a selection of only the finest wet shaving gear from all over the world, introducing you to the lesser known brands and small businesses that you don’t see in the supermarkets.

Make the switch to one of our single blade razors (included free in your first box) and find out exactly what you’ve been missing:

  • Warm scented lathers and effortlessly close shaves.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. Eliminate irritation and say goodbye to shaving rash!
  • Artisan soaps/creams, post-shave balms, colognes and more. Every kit is different so you’re never bored.
  • A clean conscience, no more plastic cartridges. Our blades are 100% recyclable.

Pre-shave box – Post-shave box – Extra-care box

Our latest kit in the Discovery Box subscription is the “Extra-care box” which will be going out to renewing subscribers between May 16th – June 30th. With this kit we usually feature a product such as a pre-shave cream or oil, designed to prep your beard before you slap a lather on and start shaving. We also include an extra product that’s more long-lasting and tend to feature less than once a year, so it’s quite the exclusive box!

We also have a smaller sized box, called the Essentials box, that features just the latest picked shaving soap/cream and a restock of 10 DE razor blades. This is for members that want to try new soaps and creams but would rather pick their own extra products. You can add any additional items to your Essentials Box without incurring extra postage fees.

For the full description of everything in this month’s box, check them out below:

Kepkinh Cool Water Shaving Cream on white background

Kepkinh Cool Water Shaving Cream RRP £11.95 (Essentials Box and Discovery Box)

Kepkinh is a boutique artisanal soap maker from Greece where every soap has been painstakingly crafted by hand as part of a small batch. Free from preservatives and boasting a list of skin-loving ingredients. Most notably, this brand may be the only one in the world that uses both fresh water buffalo milk and buffalo yoghurt in its formulations. Buffalo milk is the most fatty milk and so these fatty acids help produce a cream that is gentle for the skin and deeply moisturising.

This artisanal cream is unlike anything we've tried before. It has a very loose, watery consistency but don't be put off! Just a small amount of this liquid is enough to create an effortlessly bountiful, rich and velvety lather that leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated post-shave.

The Cool Water fragrance is a captivating blend of ocean, lavender, mint, rosemary and coriander as top notes into a heart of sandalwood, neroli, geranium, jasmine under a base of musk, tobacco, oakmoss, cedarwood and amber.

To use: Dip a dry finger into the liquid and apply to the tips of a slightly damp shaving brush and work up your lather in either a bowl, your hand or directly on your face. Make sure not to get water into the product. Unlike a soap, we never apply a damp brush directly to the cream because otherwise it will become watered down and in turn reduce its longevity.

Ingredients: Buffalo milk, stearic acid, water, glycerin, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, olive oil, castor oil, essential oils, sodium hydroxide, menthol 

Sansuraya SIR Pre-shave Oil on white background

Sansuraya SIR Pre-shave Oil RRP £17.5 (Discovery Box only)

Sansuraya is a British brand from London that uses the finest ethically sourced organic ingredients and lovingly combines them into indulgent handcrafted soap, hair and skincare products. Forgoing chemical additives, they aim to harness the power of natural ingredients to repair, condition and rejuvenate your skin and hair. Their range is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and uses recyclable packaging wherever possible.

SIR pre-shave oil has been specially formulated to be used in tandem with your shaving lather as it adds an extra layer of protection to allow for a close shave without any hint of irritation, particularly useful if you have sensitive skin. By using light oils such as sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado, and safflower, it doesn’t cling to the skin and make it feel greasy. Instead, it fills in any tiny cracks to create a smooth surface for the razor to glide over, as well as locking moisture into your hairs to keep them soft throughout the shave. Scented with lime and tea tree extract for an invigorating fragrance that combines well with any soap.

To use: Take a pump of oil and massage it into your beard. Leave for a full minute whilst you build up your shaving cream lather and then apply this directly on top.

Ingredients: Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, orunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, carthamus tinctorium L (safflower) oil, olea europae L (olive) oil, coco nucifera, vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, gamma-tocopherol (vitamin e) oil, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) extract, cirtus aurantifolia (lime) extract

The Personal Barber Gunmetal Blade Bank on white background

The Personal Barber Gunmetal Blade Bank RRP £4.95 (Discovery Box only)

Our blade bank is an essential accessory that every wet shaver should have in their bathroom. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your used razor blades, this is your answer. It has a small razor sized gap in the top that allows you to safely dispose of used razor blades away from pets, small hands and fragile bin liners.

The whole tin is recyclable so, once it’s full, it can be disposed of in the recycling making it great for the environment. Recycling rules for metal vary by county so please do check with your local council and make sure you’re allowed to add metal to your recycling bin. If not, there will be a metal recycling option at your local tip. It holds quite a lot of blades so you’ll easily spend the better part of a year filling it up before needing to throw it away, which is why we only include one in the subscription every 18 months. This is a limited edition version that comes in gunmetal grey.

Judith Leiber More Is More For Men Sample (Discovery Box only)

Freebie alert! The Judith Leiber brand has kindly sent across a free sample of their More Is More fragrance for men. Three different scents that you can combine as you like for a fragrance that’s unique to you. This is completely separate from our curating efforts and hasn’t impacted the box selection in any way. Let us know in your feedback if you like to receive little extras like this in the box from time to time.

Gillette Nacet and Wilkinson Sword Replacement Blades on white background

Gillette Nacet and Wilkinson Sword Replacement Blades (Essentials Box and Discovery Box)

As you can see from the packaging, these blades are sharp enough to cut through a crocodile! A great blade from Gillette, made in Russia, the Nacet double edge razor blades are relatively sharp, ideal for thicker hairs and give a very smooth finish. Give between 3-7 shaves per blade with most people getting around 5 shaves before noticing a drop in effectiveness.

Wilkinson Sword are a very well-known brand that are made in Germany. Teflon coated for added longevity and glide, they give a consistent smooth shave. Will last 4-7 shaves depending on beard thickness.

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