July/Aug Subscription Box: The Artisan Shave Experience

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The Personal Barber shave club subscription kit july august 2018

We're only halfway through the year and we're just getting started with value-packed exciting new goods to try. Our latest kit is featuring two fantastic British brands that have put their heart and soul into creating the very best natural products that will be loved by your skin.

Spitfire handmade shaving soap Phoenix and Beau

Phoenix and Beau Spitfire Shaving Soap

Back by popular demand, Phoenix And Beau are a British, family-run business we've featured once before back in 2016. Their handcrafted shaving soaps are some of the finest on the market. The project originally started after Kerry, the co-founder, decided he was sick of using foams and gels that irritate the skin and give poor results, and decided to look into making his own range that would fulfill the requirements of allowing the razor to glide easily without irritating the skin as well as leaving his face feeling smooth and moisturised. Since then their line of soaps have been embraced by the wet shaving community with the kind of feedback reserved for only a select few. With a consistency somewhere between a soap and a cream (often referred to as a “croap”), this product creates a stable, voluminous lather with ample protection and incredible softening properties. All produced by hand, this batch was freshly made especially for The Personal Barber using high quality natural ingredients. The Spitfire fragrance was inspired by Kerry’s memories of his Grandfather who was a WW2 veteran. It has the sweet crispness of juniper blended with the freshness of bergamot, woodiness of cedarwood and all on a base of warming leather and rich tobacco.

To use: We find the best way to get the most out of this soap is to take an almond sized piece and spread it evenly in your bowl of choice (mug, bowl, even your hand), make sure to press it out as far as possible to increase the surface area. Start building your lather as normal with a slightly damp brush and enjoy.

Solid Cologne Spitfire scented Phoenix and Beau

Phoenix And Beau Spitfire Solid Cologne

Possibly our favourite item to feature: solid cologne! Still relatively unknown in the UK, solid colognes are a great form of aftershave due to being portable, discrete to apply and kind to the skin (no alcohol). Made from a highly concentrated beeswax base without any water content, making it airport friendly, and allowing for a far more concentrated fragrance meaning a little goes a long way. Due to its portable size you can keep it in your pocket and apply it as desired. Each application lasts a few hours depending on how much you put on. This Spitfire cologne matches the shaving soap but is a little bit stronger. As with all colognes the scent profile will change over time as it heats up on your skin so if you’re worried the scent is too strong of one note such as tobacco, give it time. It tends to starts quite leathery but then works into a sweet juniper and bergamot scent.

To use: Gently rub your finger over the balm and then apply to your pulse points such as your wrist, neck and behind your ears. We use the pulse points because they heat up the cologne, making it last longer.

Luxury Post-shave balm Village Barber

Village Barber Premium Shaving Balm

Village Barber is the exciting brand to come from Iain Kane, a master barber with over 35 years of experience. Originally created because Iain had noticed that most shaving products were filled with chemicals and parabens that were giving his customers red, sore skin after shaving. He set out to create his own line of skin loving products he could offer to his customers that would be completely natural, chemical and paraben free and would leave the face feeling great and without irritation. Since then the Village Barber name has achieved worldwide recognition and even critical acclaim. It won the Beauty Shortlist Awards best Men’s Grooming product back in 2016. This fantastic shaving balm is perfect for calming your skin straight after shaving, leaving it hydrated and reducing any chance of irritation.

To use: Gently massage into skin immediately after shaving to help alleviate any potential irritation as well as hydrate and soothe.

Village Barber have very kindly put together a unique discount code for our subscribers so if you love their balm (which we're sure you will), you can pick it up when you run out with 15% off. We've also tested their shaving oil and can confirm it's a great product as well!
Just use code TPB15 at checkout on the Village Barber website. Valid until 31st December 2018 on any product on their site

Rapira swedish steel blades and gillette 7o clock yellows

Gillette 7 O’Clock Yellow Sharp Edge Replacement Blades

Made in Russia, the Gillette 7 O’Clock “SharpEdge”, or more commonly known as Gillette “Yellows”, are supposed to be the brand’s sharpest blade. Many seasoned wet shavers believe it to be one of the sharpest blades on the market. Treat with care and remember to take short passes with minimal pressure against the skin. Each blade lasts 3-7 shaves depending on beard thickness.

Rapira Swedish Supersteel Replacement Blades

Using the finest in Swedish steel, Rapira are a brand that are also manufactured in Russia. The high quality steel used in these blades is a bit thicker and noticeably more stiff. A medium sharpness blade that is well suited to all beards. Lasts 3-7 shaves

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