Feb/March Subscription Box: Gentlemen's Luxury Shaving Skincare

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The Personal Barber FebMarch 19 Shaving Kit

The latest shaving kit is ready and will be going out to subscribers from Feb 16th until the end of March. We can't wait to hear what you think.

For those new to the club: The Personal Barber is a curated shaving subscription designed to get you loving your grooming routine. We'll teach you how to throw away your plastic cartridge razor and instead master the single blade to benefit from a closer, more comfortable shave.

Your first box always features a classic safety razor and shaving brush as free extras so you can discover just what you’ve been missing. Each kit follows a theme starting with shaving soap/cream, 10 DE blades and 2 mystery items that are always different and are drawn from a wide range of products by top quality brands from around the world.

Pre-shave box – Post-shave box – Extra-care box

This month’s kit is the “Pre-shave box” which always features a pre-shave oil or cream to layer underneath your shaving lather for an extra close and comfortable shave (particularly useful if you have sensitive skin). We usually also include a bonus item in this kit, something that doesn't get featured in the subscription as often and is just a nice little extra to have. For the full description of everything in this month’s kit, check them out below:

Faena Greek Shaving Soap Electron Fragrance

Faena Premium Electron Shaving Soap

Faena are an excellent small artisan soap maker from Greece with a strong range of skincare products that have an emphasis on natural ingredients that don’t cost the environment and the desire to embody the spirit of Lesvos, where they’re made. Each soap has been lovingly handmade as part of a small batch to ensure it’s of the highest quality. Easily whips into a cushioning lather that gets denser the more you work it. Featuring their Electron soap which is an intoxicating manly blend of amber and musk aroma with sweet top notes. This is a top quality shaving soap that’s a bit of a hidden gem and we’re very pleased to get it in front of subscribers!
To use: Take a small almond sized scrape of soap and press it into your bowl or hand to increase the surface area. Then, with a slightly damp brush, work into a thick and creamy lather whilst savouring the gorgeous fragrance.

pre shaving oil seven potions

Seven Potions Pure Equilibrium Pre-shave Oil

Another fantastic small business with a wide range of high quality male grooming products. Seven Potions is a British brand that claims to have one mission: to provide fine gentlemen with top notch natural products with no compromises on quality and performance. Each of their range has been painstakingly tested and tweaked to arrive at the best formulations using a premium blend of natural and organic ingredients. After testing out their Pre-shave oil we knew we had to get them featured in the box! Fragrance free but this really allows the quality of the ingredients to shine. Made from an all organic blend of premium oils such as olive, rose hip, evening primrose, sweet almond, tea tree, lavender, lime and added vitamin E. Rubbing a few drops into your stubble before applying your lather will beautifully soften the hairs and provide an extra buffer on top of the skin for an extra comfortable irritation-free shave that leaves the skin irresistibly soft!
To use: Let a few drops sink into your beard for at least a full minute (don’t use too much or you’ll end up clogging your razor) before applying your shaving lather. Feel free to apply an extra drop or two when you rinse for the next pass.

Waffle Pique shaving towel The Personal Barber subscription

The Personal Barber Waffle Pique Shaving Towel

Once a year we always add a shaving towel to the box so you can benefit from a truly luxurious barbershop style experience! There’s just nothing quite like starting your shave with a relaxing, steaming hot towel. And this time we got the towel branded with our logo, we hope you like it. Can be used in place of a pre-shave shower, the towel is left to sit on the face which softens the hairs and leaves the skin ready for a great shave. This isn’t just any old towel, this is designed to withstand hot temperatures specifically required before a shave and the waffle pattern helps absorb more water and feels softer on the skin. Bonus tip: It can also be used as a luxury shaving towel to dry your face after shaving, or can be kept in the fridge to act as a cold towel at the end of a shave to close pores.
To use: Soak in very hot water for 15 seconds, wring out the excess and then apply to the area to be shaved until it has cooled down. It takes a minimum of 3 minutes for your beard hairs to fully absorb water so you may need to repeat this process 2 or 3 times to reap the full benefit of a softened beard. If your tap isn’t hot enough you can use water from a kettle. Let it cool until it is safe to touch. Obviously, common sense must apply when using hot water. Please DO NOT apply a scalding hot towel to the skin, always double check it is safe to touch first.

Shark and Polsilver DE Blades

Polsilver Super Iridium and Shark Super Chrome Replacement Blades

Shark are a medium sharpness blade from Egypt that work well with all beard types. They’re PTFE coated to aid glide and reduce irritation and are a popular brand with many advocates for their ability to give a consistently smooth shave. This is their chrome version which differs from the stainless steel range by an added layer of chrome that helps with blade longevity. Last 3-7shaves
Polsilver Super Iridiums are one of the top rated double-edge blades amongst wet shaving enthusiasts but sadly they have been discontinued! This may be the last time we’ll be able to feature them as they’re getting harder and harder to track down. They’re incredibly sharp, perfect for those with very thick hairs, whilst also being forgiving, allowing for a satisfyingly smooth shave every time. Last 3-7 shaves.

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