April Subscription Box: Learn To Love Traditional Wet Shaving

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April shaving box

It’s that time of the month again!

On the 20th of every month we unveil our new curated box of wet shaving goodies. That means new soaps, new blades and other fantastic products to try out.

So what do you get if you sign up to The Personal Barber box from 20th April?

In case you didn't already know, all first time subscribers get everything they need to start wet shaving in style. Completely new to traditional shaving with a classic razor and shaving brush? We've got you covered! We provide you with a full set in your first box. What's more, our classic safety razor and shaving brush are both guaranteed for life! If there is ever any problem with either, get in touch and we’ll send out a replacement.

The Personal Barber Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor
 - Those new to the service will receive our custom double edge razor in their first box. Made from stainless steel, it has been purposely chosen with the beginner in mind. If you have just come from using painful 5-bladed razors it is likely you scrape them down your face with the care and finesse of a bull in a china shop. With a proper weighted metal razor in hand for the first time, it can be difficult to properly control the light passes required for irritation-free smoothness. With this in mind, we have made sure our razor is a little bit lighter than similar safety razors. This makes it much easier to confidently apply the minimal amount of pressure throughout the shave. Similarly our razor has a slightly thinner head than most, allowing greater manoeuvrability to achieve a consistent blade angle for a smooth tug-free glide.

Check out our guide on getting the perfect wet shave to make the most of your new razor.

Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush
 - In the words of the writer William Hone “A good lather is half the shave”. Building a thick warm scented lather is a true pleasure and, when done right, is intended to create a slickness and cushion that allows the blade to effortlessly glide across the skin without causing irritation. The Personal Barber Shaving Brush included in the starter box is made using a high quality nylon that has a great balance between rigidity and softness as it holds its shape well enough to easily load with soap but is still incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. Its softness is a good compromise between stiff boar hair (often seen in cheaper brushes) and silky soft badger hair (very high-end). There is also the benefit of it being animal cruelty free.

Check out our guide on building the perfect lather to make the most of your new brush.

double edge blades

April Box Replacement Blades - Variety is an important aspect of The Personal Barber service, not just in trying new scents, textures and ingredients but also the blades you use in your razor. This is why each month we include 2 packs of new brands for a total of 10 blades, plenty for a month’s shaving for even the every day user. Each brand of razor is manufactured in a different country using different machines and materials, all of which make a significant impact on the qualities of its edge. For example, the blade on some razors can be considered much sharper than others which is great if you have thick hairs that you want to cleanly slice through without tugging but if you have relatively sensitive skin you may want a duller blade that is less likely to cause irritation. It’s subtle but everyone reacts differently so finding the right blades for you can turn a good shave into a great one.
Shark Double-Edge Razor Blades are a medium sharpness blade from Egypt that are PTFE coated to aid glide and reduce irritation. Though they are not renowned for having a long lasting edge, they are a popular brand with many advocates for their ability to give a consistently smooth shave.
SuperMax Platinum Double-Edge Razor Blades are a slightly sharper blade from India made from “high quality Swedish steel”. Many wet shavers like this brand for their ability to give a close shave as well as hold their edge a little longer than average so should last a good few shaves.


April Box Shaving Soaps - This month we have two full size soaps from Haslinger, an Austrian family run business that has a long history of making high quality soaps. They have been operating for over 64 years and make their products in a soap factory that was built in 1890. The company has from an early stage taken a stand against animal experimentation and instead focuses on natural ingredients that are kind to the skin such as formulations using pure vegetable oil. All Haslinger soaps can be used for those with sensitive skin. They lather up in no time at all and offer fantastic moisturising properties for a long lasting smooth post-shave feel.
Haslinger Calendula Shaving Soap (60g) - More colloquially known as Marigold in the UK, Calendula has a surprisingly earthy and manly scent. Incredibly effective on sensitive skin as it combats redness and acts as a healing agent with anti-inflammatory properties.
Haslinger Ewe’s Milk Shaving Soap (60g) - A surprisingly floral scent, the ewe’s milk contains lanolin which is an excellent moisturiser as it resembles the skin’s own sebum. It also provides a natural cushion on the skin that reduces potential irritation from the blade. Lanolin is renowned for softening and smoothing the skin over time

The Legends London Alum Matchsticks - The Legends London are a British men’s grooming brand that was started by an actual barbershop in Holborn, London. Alum is a natural stone that has long been used to prevent infection whilst soothing irritated skin, it is perfect not just for treating razor burn but also as a test to see how smooth your shave really is. When shaving, often you may receive tiny little cuts that are never seen as they don’t bleed. If you apply the alum sticks all over your freshly shaved face you will be able to feel, through slight stinging, the areas that haven’t been cleanly shaved. As you get more and more proficient at handling your classic razor at the correct angle these tiny cuts will be minimised. The benefit of having alum in this matchstick form is that they are incredibly convenient and hygienic, simply moisten the tip with a little water and apply to any nicks, cuts or razor burn.

Shaving and Care Tips Card Inserts - Now you have all the equipment needed to achieve a baby-bottom smooth shave irritation-free, you need to know how to use them. All first time subscribers receive our 100% recycled card shaving guides with step-by-step instructions to equip you with all the knowledge you’ll ever need to have the most enjoyable shave of your life. We also include care tips to ensure you know how to look after your items so they last as long as you do.

Recurring Monthly Box

After the 20th of every month our current subscribers (those that have already received their first shaving kit) receive our recurring monthly box. This differs from the first box of the subscription as it does not contain a brush or razor but instead includes extra shaving goodies to make the most of your morning ritual. All recurring subscribers this month received the above items as well as the below post-shave balm.

cool question luxury post shave balm

Cool Question Luxury Post-Shave Balm (100ml) - “Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work”. We are very proud to announce that this month The Personal Barber has teamed up with Cool Question, an up and coming new company that is set to take the men’s grooming world by storm with its high quality, natural products. The point of a shaving balm is to provide some immediate relief of redness and irritation to the skin after shaving by soothing it and providing protection. A good shaving balm should also leave the skin  thoroughly hydrated. The Cool Question post-shave balm is a full size 100ml bottle that produces a rich and luxurious cream which is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and nourished after a shave. It has a subtle mint scent that isn’t overpowering but feels welcome and uplifting. One of our favourite aspects of this company is their attention to detail; the balm is presented in a stylish aluminium bottle which was chosen for its light blocking abilities but also for the fact that aluminium is an easily recycled material. Cool Question will even encourage the recycling of their bottles by offering to take them back in exchange for a discount voucher.


All orders placed today until the 20th May 2015 will receive the above items (balm reserved for recurring members and "advanced box" sign ups). Boxes are posted the same day they are ordered.

Try out classic wet shaving today.

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